Another Swarm?!

WOW! Is this the year of the swarms?!?! I believe it may be! Looks like I may have another swarm on my hands! This could be great or this could be my worst nightmare. Great because I get another ‘free’ hive of bees! Bad because I don’t want my hive to simply disappear! 

So about 3 days ago I had checked on this hive, which was the one that split/swarmed last week & saw some queen cells. I kept them in tact because the queen they kept was laying sporadic brood & I didn’t like her brood pattern. So I thought, what the heck! Replace her! But that’s not what it looks like is happening… What do you think?


Now… Don’t judge my boxes LOL – the bottom is a brood box & the second one up is another ‘brood box’ (although it’s a super). I was working with what tools I had available to me. Mind you, I’m going back to the bee supply store Saturday for some more frames! So this hive goes: brood, brood, queen excluder, super, super.