Honey is Served!

Honey is bottled & READY! First come first serve… I’m going out of town beginning Sunday, so I will sell what I can from the house till Saturday & the rest will be stocked at Red Oak Lavender Farm!
Order from here.


Busy as a Bee!

Literally! I have been busy as a bee! First the Roswell Lavender Festival, then my mom’s Open House at Red Oak Lavender Farm, then a 2 hour presentation at the Ladies Homestead Gathering of Dawson/Forsyth meeting! I also have created/reared 4 queens and got them situated in their new hives! So, I have had no time to check on my little ladies until last night! I was able to harvest 13 frames of honey and quickly checked on the hive quality. All is well with my ladies, they seem to be doing a great job all on their own – as they should! But I caught some great pictures of them cleaning up some spilled honey!

IMG_0732 IMG_0733

IMG_0734 IMG_0730

Tonight I will be extracting once more! I have some previous orders to fulfill, but once I have met those, I will be taking reservations once more!