Bee Photography

So I tried my hand at bee photography this afternoon. I will tell you that it was more difficult than I thought! These little ladies are constantly on the move, that the moment the camera can focus she flies off! However, I was able to get a few good shots of them in action! What do you think?

Pictures were taken with Nikon D3300 on the auto setting since I am still working with the camera to learn how to work the manual options. Not to mention that I am in dire need of a ‘up close and personal’ lens! But one step at a time here, I mean I am trying to pay for a trip to Machu Picchu! But we are going to have one killer camera for that trip!

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To Catch A Swarm

Monday, I was lucky enough to catch a swarm! My oldest hive split & swarmed into a tree about 40 feet into the air! So we were faced with the issue of how to get them down… Step 1: find a huge pole, Step 2: hit tree with pole & knock bees into box! 

Well my father and I couldn’t make it that simple. LOL – So, we shot a hand held crossbow with a string attached to it, up & over the branch. We then tied a rope to the other end and shimmied it up and over the branch. Once we had that side, we tied a hand held saw to that end and tied another rope to the other end of the saw & shimmied it up and over the branch until the saw was at the branch. This is when we start sawing… And sawing… And sawing… And…. 


Well… We got tired of that, quick!! So we tied the rope to dad’s four-wheeler & pulled till the rope broke. Next idea… Shoot the branch down! So we took the AR, locked & loaded, aimed and 10 shots later… Nothing! So, what to do next?! Pull the branch till it breaks! And it worked, but those smart ladies landed back into the next branch over! 


Finally, our pole was long enough to continually hit the ladies into the nuc box! Six to seven hours later… SUCESS!! All my ladies were happy & comfortable in their new temporary home!